Spicy Sriracha

Spicy Sriracha


Spicy Sriracha crackers are fiery and satisfying. 

Ingredients: Onions, Raw Pepitas, Sunflower Seeds, Hulled Hemp Seed*, Seeds, Roasted Pumpkin  Seeds**, Whole, Roasted, With Salt Added, Figs*, Flaxseed*, Chia Seeds*, Liquid Aminos (Coconut Sap, Sea Salt)*, Organic Flaxseed Lignan Powder*, Parsley*, Red Peppers*, Less Than 2% Of: Oregano, Fresh, Black Pepper, Sea Salt, Chili Powder, Nutritional Yeast, Granulated Garlic, Dehydrated Sriracha Sauce, Ground Red Savina Habanero Pepper, Dried. *Organic. **Not Raw

3 oz.

Studies have shown that capsaicin, the compound found in hot peppers, lowers blood cholesterol levels and blocks a gene that makes arteries contract, which can lead to dangerous blockages of blood flow. Such blockages can cause heart attacks (when blood can’t reach the heart) or strokes (when blood can’t reach the brain).


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Ingredients: water, organic raw pepitas, organic onions, red bell pepper, pumpkin seeds, organic sprouted sunflower seeds, organic hulled hemp seeds, organic dried figs, organic roasted red pepper, organic flaxseed, organic chia seeds, organic coconut aminos, organic golden flax powder, organic parsley, organic basil, organic dates, organic oregano, granulated garlic, pepper, cayenne powder, nutritional yeast, sriracha powder